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Bovine Palpation 
Put your bovine palpation skills to the test in a three-part team competition. Show your knowledge with a written test, lab practical, and palpate live cows.

Join us Saturday, March 16 from 7AM-11AM at Brehm (UTCVM), Palpation will occur at Little River Dairy from 12-2PM. 
Details about location and meeting time will be distributed to registrants. Teams are limited to 5 people max (4 participants, 1 alternate). Please review the Bovine Palpation Team Rules.


Stitch 'n Fix (Suture Competition)
Are you a closer? Put your surgical skills to the test in a suturing competition. Each student in the competition is given a skin pad, (right or left-handed) needle drivers, suture scissors, and Addison brown forceps. Once time starts, the first individual to complete a quality simple continuous pattern, wins. This is an individual competition. 

  • Each team will consist of individual people. 
  • Each competition round will be run with 5 or more people.
  • Each person will be provided a skin pad with a pre cut incision, suture, needle drivers, thumb forceps, and suture scissors. 
  • Once everyone confirms they are ready, the timer will start for each student to complete a quality (no half hitches!) simple continuous suture pattern to close the incision.
  • To start students will be standing in front of their prepared station with hands behind their back. They can begin and move their hands forward once time has started.
  • The first to finish and have their suture quality approved, wins!
  • There will be a total of points that can be awarded to each person: 
    • 1 point- correct suture pattern
    • 1 point- correct suture spacing 
    • 1 point- correct instrument holding 
    • 1 point- correct number of throws 
    • 1 point- correct “tightness” of suture (accounting for swelling) 
    • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 points- for those in each flight based on time (5 points for the fastest, and 1 point for the slowest respectively)
    • Half points can be awarded as judges deem fit. (for example: if throw 2 is a half-hitch, but this is corrected by the preceding throws being a square knot→ 0.5 pts).

Join us on Friday, March 15 from 12PM - 1PM
Location: KCC: Rotunda

Registration for competitions is available HERE!

Anatomy ID 
Come show off your anatomy skills at our Anatomy ID competition! Students will shuffle through 15 different specimens across a wide variety of species and put their knowledge to the test!


  • Each team will consist of individual people.
  • Students will start at a given specimen with their backs turned to the specimen. 
  • students can turn around and will identify their given specimen, and write their answer down on the answer form given. ,When the timer starts
  • Students will have three minutes at each specimen before rotating when a timer goes off. Once all students have rotated at each specimen, there will be 8 minutes for students to walk around and take a second look at each specimen. 
  • Scoring will be out of 15 points. Each specimen is worth 1 point each (0.5 point for the correct species and 0.5 points for the correct anatomical identification)
  • The student with the highest correctly identified specimens wins.

Friday, March 15 from 10 AM - 11 AM
Location: KCC: Rotunda

Registration for competitions is available HERE!

Trivia Scavenger Hunt

Wanna put your scavenging skills to the test? Want to compete in a fun, low-stakes competition? We invite you to join our scavenger hunt containing veterinary medical trivia while also getting to explore the Knoxville Convention Center! Groups or individuals are welcome to participate.

The Trivia Scavenger Hunt sheet will be placed in your WELCOME bag! The hunt is on from Friday until Saturday at 2PM.


Grab a partner and compete your way through the bracket for a chance to be the cornhole champions. Standard/House rules (bust) will apply. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged!


  • Each team will consist of two players.
  • There will be two boards and 8 bags in total. 
  • The boards will be placed 15 feet apart. 
  • One representative from each team will be at each board. 
  • Players will toss the bags to the board on the other side of the playing field without stepping in front of their own board.
  • Landing a bag on the board counts as 1 point. Landing a bag in the hole counts as 3 points. 
  • After each round, a sum of the bags (winning player points- losing player points= winning player sum) will be added to the winning teams score. 
  • The goal of the game is to reach exactly 21 points. If the winning team goes over this amount, this is called a “bust” and the team must return to 13 points. 
  • There must be a judge present to monitor and keep score. 
Friday, March 15, 2024: 1-4 PM 
Location: KCC

Sporting events sign up sheet located under sack racing!

Tug of War

Vet school isn’t just about having the brains. Grab at least three friends and see if you have the strength and strategy to defeat your opponents.

Time: Saturday, March 16, 2024: 11AM -12PM
Location: KCC

Sporting events sign up sheet located under sack racing!

Sack Racing

Looking to relive some school field-day memories? Let’s see your sack racing skills in a competition of fun! Individuals are welcome to join us in attempts to hop your way to the finish. 


  • This game is played individually. 
  • There will be sacks and a marked finish line. 
  • Participants will start 10 feet away from where the sacks are placed. 
  • The finish line will be 25 feet away from where the sacks are placed. 
  • Participants will have to run to the sack, place both feet into the sack, and hop towards the finish line. 
  • Participants must keep both feet and at least one hand on the sack at all times. 
  • The sack should remain as close to the waist as possible and should not go below the knees. 
  • The first racer to cross the finish line wins. 

Time: Saturday, March 16, 2024: 12PM -1PM
Location: KCC

Sporting events sign up sheet located HERE!