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SAVMA Symposium 2024 Registration Information

SAVMA Symposium registration is scheduled to open on November 6, 2023. Register early for your best chance to get into the wet lab or day trip of your choice and experience all that SAVMA Symposium has to offer!


No registration code is required if you are a veterinary student.
However you MUST be a current SAVMA member. To pay your SAVMA dues, please visit the SAVMA website.
  • For LMU/University of Tennessee student volunteers, Exhibitors, SAVMA Delegates and SAVMA Chapter Presidents you DO have a registration code to register. Please reach out to your SAVMA leader or Symposium team member for your registration code.

Registration and fee schedule for general veterinary student registration:
Event Description Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Cost
Lottery registration period 11/6/2023 9am Central 12/1/2023 4pm Central $90
Regular registration period 12/4/2023 9am Central 2/14/2024 8:59am Central $100
Late registration period 2/14/2024 9am Central 3/17/2024 4pm Central $110

Symposium Lottery

The SAVMA Symposium lottery is run each year to allow for every student registrant to have a fair and equal opportunity to register for popular wet labs or day trips no matter what time zone they live in.

During the lottery registration period, every attendee has the option to rank up to 2 wet lab(s) and/or day trip(s) they wish to participate in. When lottery registration closes, individuals are randomly selected and assigned to either ONE wet lab OR ONE day trip based on their chosen ranked selection(s) and open spot availability for the event.

Participation in the lottery does not guarantee a spot in a wet lab or day trip. If you have been placed in either your 1st or 2nd choice of wet labs and/or day trips your online itinerary will be updated, your credit card will be charged and you will be notified via email. If you were unable to be placed in a wet lab or day trip, you will be notified as well. There are no refunds, exchanges or changes once you are placed in your lottery selection. Please make sure you only rank wet labs and/or day trips that you wish to participate in the most. 


Regular registration

Starting on December 4th, 2023 at 9am Central, students who did not previously register are able to do so after this time. Students who participated in the lottery, also have the opportunity to register for any additional wet lab or day trips they wish to add to their itinerary starting after this date. To do so, the student would need to find their registration confirmation email to access the link to the Attendee Service Center where you can edit your registration and add any additional wet labs or day trips.

During Regular Registration any veterinary student who is a current SAVMA member can register for the event plus any remaining wet labs or day trips that have openings. Once you check out, you are automatically confirmed into the wet lab or day trip and you will receive a receipt showing the events and wet labs and/or day trips you purchased. There are no refunds, exchanges or changes after check out. 

Editing your registration

Starting December 4th, 2023 at 9am Central any wet labs or day trips with remaining seats available are listed on the registration website on a first come, first serve basis until full. 

To make a change to your previous registration such as add a wet lab or day trip, add an event or workshop, you must go to your registration confirmation email to view the link for the Attendee Service Center as well as your login credentials for this site. Once logged in you can edit your previous registration to include any additional events.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Registration and Event fees are non-refundable after check out. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact for refund consideration.